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Project Description

ESB Extensions is a solution containing multiple .Net Projects and artifacts: Unit Tests, Itineraries, Business Rules, Binding Files, and C# Class Libraries. This solution is geared towards extending/wrapping the current Microsoft ESB 2.0 toolkit and components.

BizTalk 2013 R2 Update can be found here (

Throughout the lifetime of this project, many items will be added to help extend the Microsoft BizTalk ESB 2.0 toolkit. The current BizTalk artifacts which can be found inside this library will be, the HTTP Adapter Provider, MSMQ Adapter Provider, WSS Adapter Provider and Custom BRE Resolver, which can be used for Itineraries, Maps, Endpoints, and Policy Brokering. Future additions which we hope to add will be a BRE Filter (similar to the XPath filter) and others. If you would like to see other items added please open up a Discussion thread and we will try to adhere to your request.

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