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Resubmission in ESB Portal WCF

Mar 15, 2012 at 3:08 PM


    I am sending message to my orchestration using WCF-Custom Isolated adapter fromSoap. If something fails in middle i am routing the exception message to ESB Portal. Here i have an option of resubmit where i can resubmit the failed messages. As we can see only HTTP Recieve locations in ESB Portal , i am not able to resubmit my message (as my recieve location uses WCF custom isolated adapter)

So i manually created a HTTP Recieve location pointing to my recieve port and tried to resubmit the message from ESB Management portal. Now i am getting the error "There is no value associated with the property 'WCF.InboundHeaders' in the message" I hope this is something with the promotion of WCF Properties" Please do help me in getting rid of this.