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Infinite Loop when using BRE.EXT & useMsg=false causes type exception


Current latest changeset (9b601992a1c9) goes into an infinite resolution loop at least when BRE.EXT is used in messaging scenario. v0.3 works fine in that perspective. Can't figure out why, might have something to do with setting Resolution.Success in SetAllResolutionDictionaryEntries method.

Setting useMsg = false in BRE.EXT setting will throw "Unable to cast object of type 'Tellago.SOA.ESB.Extensions.MessageContextFactRetriever' to type 'Microsoft.Practices.ESB.Resolver.Itinerary.Facts.ItineraryFact" exception from SetAllResolutionDictionaryEntries since the facts object array is different and the itineraryInfo object index is not constant.

See ResolveRules; objArray[] used as facts[] is either {resolution, document itineraryInfo, customFactRetriever}or {resolution, itineraryInfo, customFactRetriever} if useMsg is enabled or not.

Had to revert to v0.3 and only add the modifications to SetAllResolutionDictionaryEntries to be able to continue but would like to use the latest codebase (and be able to update message context from BRE)
Closed Apr 7, 2010 at 3:02 AM by Dngoins